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     Adrian Nojek

    tel. 537343144

    He is a photographer, sculptor, theatrical set designer, and heritage architecture restorer, although primarily a professional photographer for the past 6 years. Born in 1979 (44 years old) in Elbląg, Poland, his  entire life has been dedicated mainly to art through exploring various mediums and self-realization of inner transformations through psychology, philosophy, and Buddhism as a science and methodology rather than a religion.


    At the age of 18, he  was already creating my first nudes and photographs, and by the age of 22, I moved to London, where I spent 15 years of my life primarily engaged in construction tenders (Quantity Surveyor) for the largest companies in the UK.

    During this time, He never parted with my camera, using photography as an instantaneous art form to capture street scenes, portraits, and nudes that shaped me over the years.

    Towards the end of my stay in the UK, I ran my own company, an IT-advertising agency, which I continued for two years after returning to Poland.

    Eventually ,he  sold it because he  realised it simply didn't serve him , dedicating myself completely to art.

    Life directed him in such a way that unfortunately, his personal life did not work out with the mother of his two sons, throwing him even deeper into the whirlwind of art that embraced him.

    He then worked almost continuously, without major breaks, to perfect himself in photography.


    For the first few years, he created digital photos and then switched to analog photography, a medium to which he has remained faithful to this day.

    He creates photos mainly on a medium format camera (Mamiya RZ 67), developing, scanning, and printing them on his high-quality equipment (Canon ImagePrograf 1000) and the highest quality baryta paper from Fomei.


    During a session, he takes only one photo of a particular shot, capturing the image only when he is certain that it is exactly what he wanted. He often concludes sessions with only 10 to a maximum of 20 frames, which is a rarity on a global scale compared to other equally skilled photographers.

    Thanks to his knowledge of psychology, philosophy, and Buddhism, as well as his inner sensitivity, he is a perceptive observer with the ability to transfer these impressions to photosensitive material.


    He basically put everything on one card, as he says, spending 6 years of his life in the art lane just to develop his artistic identity and create tens of thousands of photos that he will soon be able to show the world.


    Now, he is ready to move into the fastest lane he has long dreamed of, one that he has earned through many sacrifices.

    Currently, he is casually involved in creating fashion photos for the most renowned brands and writes books, guides, and creates albums that he will soon be able to present to the world.

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