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Comfort zone - killer of progress

Zaktualizowano: 4 gru 2023

When you step out of your comfort zone, you approach photography differently from your usual style.

You expose and allow yourself to be vulnerable in some way.

You’re ready to make mistakes, perhaps even to fail, in order to start something you’ve never done before.

This process pushes the limits of your abilities and makes you do better with each attempt.

Every time you fail, you ascend one step higher!

Interestingly, as you start implementing this approach in photography, it becomes habitual, extending into your real life.

I mainly photograph my old or new existential issues, nothing more, nothing less.

Given that fundamentally there’s nothing that distinguishes us from each other, these photographs also reflects your states of mind.

Leave a ❤️ or share if this resonates with you. It could be helpful for others as well.

The original photography is below.

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