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Win with Interior resistance

Embrace the idea that the areas where you encounter the most resistance are precisely the ones you should swiftly move towards.

This is fascinating but the key to overcoming the limitations we consciously or unconsciously carry lies in the slow individual pace of leaving also the comfort zone. It doesn't mean that we should immediately head towards extreme photography or art where with a manic determination we confront all our limitations, fears, anxieties and expectations.

Rather step by step from session to session from photo to photo spontaneously and at a slow pace, we observe what happens in front of the screen as we look at the created photo, but also what happens inside us. 

We draw conclusions analyze and discover new elements of the puzzle of ourselves transform nurture and move forward but no longer in a vicious circle. 

The cycle is gently broken and even though it's not perfectly simple we see something fresh and new in it. 

Of course, we ponder on how we perceive it whether it is still ours whether it aligns with what we carry in our minds or hearts which is a crucial aspect. Usually at that point the first dilemmas arise like "what's the best thing I've done?" 😊

Does it make sense? Is it something I'd like to show someone? Is it the right direction? 

Then something starts to change and although the effects may not be visible at first trust me they will appear over time 😊 

My advice is that if you are a photographer or another artist connected with people as the visual aspect of your work (like me) "write" the most sincere message to the model that you would like to do something completely new something that breaks the cycle of making "the same photos in a circle" (try to be kind and not seem eccentric 😊. Models, like we are the art people and they enjoy challenges and just want to do something crazy or simply new.

Leave a ❤️ or share if it correspond with You it might be helpful for others too. I often say or write in this way that we take photos for the so-called drawer meaning we can publish them or use them in another intended way but no one has to and will look at them ONLY US.

But in this case just say write that the photos are only for our eyes sign the appropriate agreement or record the conversation on a recorder and get to work 🙂 If after the session or after a few years months both decide that you are ready to reveal them and show them to others great and if not you will have a beautiful memento from this shared adventure.

In this way you cut off from the so-called social pressure which often acts as a brake because when the thought "I'm going all out" comes to mind a whole series of imaginings like "what will people say", wife, husband, children, friends, the rest of the world.

Fear appears quite often which paralyzes us rather than motivates us. Decide on this experiment if you feel like it because it costs nothing and with good intentions and motivation nothing bad can happen to you on the contrary.

And Remember If people only did what seemed possible we would still be in caves 😊 And don't worry too much about the optimistic or pessimistic vision of what might happen when you finally do it because it just so happens that optimists invented the airplane and pessimists invented the parachute so whichever way you go it will always be development.

But you have to take that first step to convince yourself 🙂 Good luck and let me know if this helped you at all 😊 All the Best Adrian

Oryginal Photography below

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